Spanish Championship of Magic

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From 8 to 10 Setember 2023

CEM - FQC - FISM Qualified Contest


Artists are the soul of the congress

Maximiliano Stia

Gala Internacional Escena MC

Elegir un buen maestro de ceremonias para la gala internacional es una tarea sumamente complicada. Pero en nuestro CEM ha sido una tarea muy fácil. Es único, impredecible, extraordinario, increíble, brutal... él es Maximiliano Stia

Yannis Why

Gala Internacional Escena

Yannis Why de Francia es un GENIO...  Un pobre tunecino encuentra una lámpara y la frota. Su deseo: Ser una estrella del Rock & Roll.

Photo Dan et Nat 

Pau Borrell -Nür

 DJ- Contest

Nür is our DJ who drove everyone crazy in the past FISM ECM 2021. It is not necessary to present him, you just have to live the experience. His artistic and musical talent is indisputable. He will be the king of the party again!

Maurice Grange

Gala Internacional Escena

Maurice Grange es el actual Campeón Juvenil en la Categoria de Manipulación en Alemania (MZvD). Su personalidad en escena nos cautivó, su técnica nos maravilló. Podrás ver a este jovencisimo Genio en la Gala Internacional.

Giacomo Bertini

Gala Internacional Close Up

Durante estos días estamos felices de que Giacomo Bertini se sume al cartel de artistas.

Un dato curioso sobre Giacomo es que es juez FISM en formación y otro dato sorprendente es que impartirá su workshop durante el CEM.

Vadim Savenkov

Gala Internacional Escena

Estamos encantados de anunciar que el súper talentoso Vadim Savenkov se unirá al elenco de artistas de gala durante el Campeonato de España de Magia. Su creatividad desborda cualquier expectativa. Es un AUTÉNTICO MAESTRO

Joaquin Matas

Gala Internacional Close Up

In the Spanish Magic Championship - CEM, we will enjoy the mastery of Joaquin Matas. Finalist in the last Spanish Got Talent. Joaquín will delight us with his exceptional goblets routine at the Close Up gala and in his unmissable conference on Sunday

Vadim & Elena

Gala Internacional Escena

We are happy to announce that Vadim & Elena Gordeev joined the line up of our International Gala Show at the Spanish Championship of Magic.�Vadim & Elena are original from St. Petersburg - Russia and are now happy Catalonians living in Barcelona just a few steps away from our Geni Club Headquarters.�Join us from september 8th until september 10th to see Vadim & Elena and many more perform just for you at the CEM.

Dong Ni & Nür

Gala Internacional Escena

Nür, our legendary DJ, met a new magic talent in Paris. Her name: Dong Ni, born in China, now living in Spain near Pau Borrell. He will officially present her to us at the CEM International Gala. We can't wait to see her in action with her oriental style but with a "European touch", thanks to the influence of Nür. We assure you that it will be an unforgettable presentation!

JunWoo Park

Gala Internacional Escena

Magic is more magic if you add good music to it. The rhythm, the flow, the silence, everything is essential to make the magic come out... He is JunWoo Park. Is the magic flowing with the music? or is the music flowing with magic?

Park Dowon

Gala Internacional Close Up

Those who attended the BIMF 2023 will know what to expect.

May we introduce to you Park Dowon from South Korea.

During the Magic Festival in Busan he won the first prize in category Close Up.�And it is our privilege and honour to invite him to the Spanish Championship of Magic as one of the headliners in the Close up gala show.�Fun fact is that this will be his first time he will leave the beautiful country of South Korea to perform for us in Manresa.

Luís Olmedo


An excellent team of judges is essential to have a fair contest. At CEM we have recruited the best international judges. All of them are, of course, FISM judges. Today we want to highlight one of them: Luis Olmedo. We could say that he is the current micromagic world champion, but we prefer to say that he is the most equanimous person, with extensive knowledge, exquisite treatment and impeccable morals, an excellent friend to all. He will be with us, for the first time in his professional career, as a CEM-FISM "judge in training" judge. Don't miss his lecture!


Gala Internacional Close Up

At the Quebec World Magic Championship there was a first prize in Card Magic that fascinated locals and strangers. Markobi with his routine, his monumental oversight and his bag of chips, created history


Presentador Gala Close Up